The Canine Academy is a space where we aim to bring the best out of your dog. Calm, confident, thinking dogs that can have some freedom and enjoy life. Individual training sessions are based on a set of core foundation skills, as well as tailored to suit each dog. The work we do, complements the home environment. 

Day stay, pickup and train. Individual training. 

Small group structured socialization sessions.

This is a structured training and socialization environment. Not your typical "doggy daycare". All dogs go though an initial training phase to ensure we get to know your dog and their needs, and they learn our expectations and routine. Our ongoing training is a process which practices calmness, self and impulse control. Where socialization is appropriate, we match dogs with complementary play styles and temperaments to ensure interactions are respectful. We keep group sizes small to adequately and consistently manage behaviour, and ensure none of the dogs get overwhelmed or harassed during social interaction.

Day stay, pickup and train.

One-on-One Training Sessions.

Advanced dog adventures. Urban, rural, forest and beach trips.

Owner coaching lessons - Obedience / Behaviour / Management.


Scent Work and Detection Training.

Dog Training that might just change your life.

One-on-One Training. Day stay and Train. Consultations. One-on-One owner coaching.