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Here at Canine Academy my aim is to provide you and your dog with the very best education. My philosophy about dog training is quite simple, the better trained your dog is, the safer they will be and the stronger the bond will become between the two of you.  
After all… a happy dog equals a happy home!


A decision to train your dog is a decision that says, I am interested in my dog’s destiny, I choose to educate both myself and my dog so that they may live a long, safe and most of all a balanced life. 


Here at Canine Academy, my aim is to educate both owner and dog so that we may better understand each other’s needs. Positive reinforcement methods are only used to ensure no fear is present while training your dog. This in turn, forms the backbone of a trusting bond you will share with your dog forever. I use techniques that are not only easy to understand but allows the dog to meet us half way, as each command is part of the dog's usual behaviour, therefore making it easy and enjoyable for both of you. 


Regardless of where your dog’s level of training is currently at, here at Canine Academy I have training that will provide new challenges for your dog or techniques to sharpen and fine tune an already learned command.


Maybe your dog has begun to develop some problem behaviours. Canine Academy can help. Here are just a few of the problems I can help you with:

• Constant barking
• Toileting
• Destroying your house or backyard
• Chasing cats
• Running on the road
• Pulling on the lead
• Aggression and possession guarding


Once we understand how the dogs mind works and only when every one's needs are being met can we then move forward into a trusting place where our new best friend is willing to please.


For more information on any of these services please click on the services tab at the top of this page.
I look forward to working with you and your dogs.


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