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Zoe was very undisciplined when we first brought her to Canine Academy and to be honest I was worried she would never learn anything. I was so shocked that due to the training she now can do numerous commands, even without words. You have proven me wrong- she is a changed dog! Thanks again- you have made our lives easier!

- Katie Comienski



I signed up for the diploma via one of the daily deal sites and after
completing the course I am almost embarrassed that I paid so little for an invaluable service. In five weeks Matt managed to make me passionate about training Austin again and made training fun for both me and for him. I saw results in the first week, and after a couple of weeks the group that I run with every Saturday even noticed the difference in Austin. Matt gives practical advice and you can tell that he really cares about every dog on his course and the relationship between dog and owner (if owner is the right word). I would not hesitate to recommend Matt and his service to anyone

- James



We know we're on the right track when friends/family pass comment on how well mannered Marlo is and needless to say we're proud as punch. Knowing Marlo is going to be a big boy, a dog with manners has been our desire from the moment we got him. Without Matt's direction, guidance and tips we dread to think what we might have on our hands! Look forward to completing the second leg of training... and showing off our well mannered dog once again!


- Michelle & Craig



As first time dog owners we have found canine academy fantastic. The training and information given to us has not only benefited our dog but also our entire family. We have learnt what is and what is not acceptable behavior for our dog and how to deal with this in a positive and non threatening way.
Thanks to canine academy we have been successful in training our puppy in achieving simple yet important commands which in turn has created a happy and obedient (sometimes cheeky)puppy, we look forward to our puppy completing his next step in achieving his degree!!

Thanks Canine Academy




Tasha, my 10-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog, and I attended a recent five week ‘diploma’ course in dog training and obedience with Matt of Canine Academy. Tasha came into season a week prior to the start of the course so for the first two weeks Matt offered one on one training at home for no additional cost. We then joined the class for the remaining three weeks, being tested on the skills learned and graduating on the final day.

Matt was skilled in dog training, well prepared with hand-notes, and prizes for individual achievements. He was amiable and infinitely patient, especially with some of the slower learners. I was advantaged, having owned dogs all my life, however I gained a great deal from the behavioural aspects and corrective methods conveyed. I am more than willing to endorse Matt and intend to continue with the advanced training ‘Degree’ course.

- D B Pownall


My experience with Canine Academy has been invaluable in the development of my pooch. Highly recommended
- Alice Ferguson



Following a private behavioural consultation and subsequent weekly training there has been a remarkable improvement in Jacks (5month old Labrador) behaviour and obedience. Sanity has been restored in the our household. Thanks Matt,

- Jan and Jack



We enrolled our puppy into one of Canine Academy's puppy pre-schools and was amazed at how well our pup responded. We had no idea that our pup would learn so fast. Matt had a very friendly approach and was very skillful in the way he conveyed the instructions. We learned so much from this 4 week class that we signed up for the next installment of training. Again we were delighted with our pups response. We now have a very well trained dog that is a pleasure to take out with us. Thank you very much Matt

Lisa and Dave



We recently rescued a dog who came to us with a few "issues", we've owned dogs before and thought we would be able to iron out Lilly's problems, but I have to say after 5 months we were no closer to resolving these. We called Matt in for a consultation and almost immediately we saw improvement. Matt explained how some simple behaviours of our own were keeping her from improving. He showed us correct techniques to use and left us with a program. 6 weeks on and we now have a totally new dog, I just can't believe how much of a difference this had made to our lives. Lilly is 100% better and seems to be so much happier as well. Thank you so much Matt I can't recommend his services highly enough.

Ben and Julie



Our Boxer has always been a very playful boy, he used to be the perfect pup, until recently! He progressed into a full on hand full, we just could not walk him without being pulled down the road, he used to bark and destroy our backyard and dare I say eat his own poop! Some thing had to be done. We had been passed on Matt's number by a friend so we called him up and booked in a consultation. Boy am I glad we did! Within the first 2 hours Matt had explained what was going wrong and almost like a miracle Jonty (the dog) began walking calmly on the leash, I was amazed. We continue to put Matt's program in place and every day we continue to see improvement. I would recommend Matt's training to anybody with an unruly dog.

Peter Johnson